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It is so common to devlop boost leak that we now require all trucks to have a boost test done prior to strapping them down on the dyno. What is funny, is that no one shows up knowing they had a boost leak. The reality is that even if you can hit peak boost, you may have a leak, especially if you have a variable vane turbo. Variable vane turbos will change vane position and other operations to try and achieve a disired boost number which may cover up a leak in the charged air system. Leaks can be developed by corrosion of the intercooler pipes, blown or torn boots, loose clamps on intercooler piping, or even a cracked intercooler. Many times a leak starts small but over time becomes more prevelant. Again, most people do not know they have a leak until the charged air system is pressurized. Soapy water and looking for bubbles is strenous and time consuming, feeling each boot does not tell you anything, and running a smoke machine through the intercooler piping does not pressurize the system hard enough to expose all of the potentail leaks. Kent Moore makes a boost test kit specifically for the Duramax.


Even the turbocharged Shelby Chargers had no provisions for a factory boost gauge. Step one is to find a boost gauge and step two is to figure out where to put it. That seemed like a logical place to put it. It is still visible through the steering wheel where I can see it at a glance. It takes 4 screws to remove this panel. I had a McMaster-Carr vacuum gauge in there already so all I have to do is to enlarge the round hole to a larger rectangular hole and mount it.

GlowShift’s White Elite 10 Color 60 PSI Boost Gauge monitors your diesel truck’s boost pressure to help guard against over boosting and engine damage. Edge also works as a gauge cluster displaying up to 8 vehicle parameters. The MONSTER HOOK PRO was designed to work hand in hand with the monster swivel hook, any standard 3/4.

Now you can program your truck with the legendary Smarty tuning and monitor your parameters with an in-cab touch screen gauge system. Included are two devices: Each with its own CPU. The built-in gauge feature allows you to choose from four different dashboards, each configurable with five different gauge layouts and a customizable display background. With user configurable audible or visual alarms you can rest easy knowing that Smarty Touch will alert you when your selected parameters reach too high or too low of a value.

Resolution x – Updates are always FREE! Selectable performance parameters for fine tuning.

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Get the plug and play. Mine, I did the pocket mount. What I did with mine was use good 3M tape, mounted on the lower left side and just under the fuse box. I tried several places, did not want to use up any storage areas and wanted in in an area that I could see it all the time. That was the only place that I found that worked. What I did was used on strip of 3M tape on the pocket mount, moved it around the areas I though would work and then drove a few days.

Sure, it is fun watching the needle on the boost gauge spinning thanks to that huge turbo you installed, but the PPE Turbo Boost Gauge allows you to know exactly what is happening with your engine.

Vacuum system Why Does the 6. Diesels do not create vacuum inside of the intake like gasoline engines. Gasoline engines rely on vacuum for numerous things, such as: GM put the vacuum pump to control a couple of devices on the truck, read on for more info. So, where’s the vacuum pump? This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized x What components does the vacuum pump provide for?

EGR if equipped and the turbo waste gate system. On vans the vacuum system also controls the HVAC system. EGR’s are normally found on “S” Vin engines.

Digital boost gauge

With Hydrogen On Demand we are using the hydrogen immediately as it is being produced. Hydrogen On Demand is a lot safer than vehicles using stored hydrogen, natural gas or propane vehicles. It is important to wire your HHO system so that your generator only makes hydrogen while the vehicle is running. Infact diesel engines seem to get a little bit better MPG gain. As far as how much hydrogen gas is needed for a particular size of engine.

Sep 04,  · how to hook up boost gauge in 97 im stuck trying to find out where to tap in to plug in my boost gauge an would love some help dodge duramax lly edge/predator stack 1/4 mile 60ft roasting tires limping the trans at ft Mavsps is offline.

Rather, the excess acts to cool the mixture as it turns from liquid droplets to vapor with the heat of combustion. Supercharged engines were common in military aircraft, so that they could fly at higher altitudes, despite the less dense air. But rich mixtures compromise the range that the plane was capable of, so substituting another liquid for aviation fuel would effectively increase the range, or allow for more power by increasing boost which would increase the altitude the plane could fly at.

In the automotive world, the technology has not been ignored. The companies we are talking with: Snow currently offers three kit levels — first with a simple pressure switch that activates the injection at a given boost level, stage two adds in a progressive controller box that allows the user to ramp the boost from a start to end point, and the stage three is a fully computerized version of the stage two progressive controller that allows for adjustments on the fly. It has multiple outputs you can hook up to various safety functions, and an internal data logger.

Snow Performance offers their kit in three different stages while AEM utilizes one well-rounded option.

how to hook up boost gauge in 97

In a discussion about towing 13, lbs with a half ton. Do you even know what a 13, lb load does to the disk brakes of this half ton? Oh, what am I saying, this truck has a 5 star rating from the government. August 9, at

May 13,  · Hi all I keep getting mixed answers on whether or not my tow vehicle will charge my tent trailers battery while in tow. I have a Tundra liter TRD with factory installed tow package that is pre-wired for a brake controller.

Scissors How to Install a Boost Gauge to a 7. Place the gauge mounting bracket onto the back side of the gauge to hold it in position in the pod. Different gauge manufacturers use different methods of securing the gauge. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper bracket installation. Mount the gauge pod onto the dashboard of your Powerstroke-equipped vehicle, using the screws provided and a screwdriver.

Route the wiring harness from the gauge to the fuse panel inside your vehicle. Attach the red wire to the fuse connector marked “Headlamp. Slide the connector onto the end of the boost line. Thread the connector onto the fitting on the gauge and tighten the nut with a wrench. Route the boost line through the hole in the firewall. The hole is located on the driver’s side of the engine, under the steering wheel. Run the line to the intake air-horn, inside the engine compartment.

The intake air-horn is on the rear of the engine cover which has “Powerstroke” stamped on it — it is a cylindrical metal section that connects the large air hose to the turbocharger.

boost gauge hookup

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Installing a boost gauge on a GM Duramax diesel engine is the first step in monitoring the engine during use, and is recommended for any turbo engine that has .

Roush, of course, is synonymous with Mustangs, having created some pretty incredible turnkey specialty Mustangs, packing a ton of performance, for their big catalog of performance products aiming to make your Mustang look, sound and perform even better. Of course, sound is what we’re talking about here today, guys. Roush has really planted their flag in the aftermarket exhaust world here with the Mustang and has really become a fan favorite as of late.

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As you can see on the surface here it’s pretty obvious. That’s because there’s really no mufflers to speak of.

How to Boost Test your Duramax

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Mine is an ’01, all stock except for an Edge programmer. It has k on it, and had all 8 injectors replaced by Chevy at k. I’ve had it since k – about a year and a half – and the truck has always started and run really well for me. Always fired up in first second or so cranking. That is, until a week ago Engine would crank over well, would not fire.

Tried priming it, still nothing. Read a bunch of these threads and tried a few more times, nothing. It would pump up hard, but felt spongy and seemed like it would not hold pressure for more than a few seconds. When I tried bleeding it at the filter, there was fuel right there – no air and no foamy fuel, just nice clean fuel. So I replaced the fuel filter and the WIF sensor because it was really beat up and had a broken wire.