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No trains will run between King’s Lynn and Ely on these days. Services to and from Ely and Waterbeach will also be affected. Information from Great Northern is available here. The guidance below is given in good faith as a public service and represents our understanding of the proposed arrangements; the Association accepts no responsibilty for any inaccuracies or variations. Journey times will be up to 90 minutes longer. Valid rail tickets will be accepted on the rail replacement bus services. There will be many other train services running between Ely and Cambridge, with 1 an hour operating from Ely to King’s Cross. Ely-Liverpool Street services should operate as normal. However, there will be trains between Ely and Cambridge, calling at Waterbeach and at Cambridge North.


Teri Simpson applies a small golden stud to the ear of Senior Airman Jillian Sandbothe, whose severe headaches resulted from an auto accident. Bradley Phillips, who was successfully treated with acupuncture at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for back pain he encountered while deployed to Iraq. Conner Nguyen was exposed to acupuncture as both patient and physician and was equally impressed in both roles.

As a patient, Nguyen experienced a percent increase in range of motion and a percent reduction in chronic pain in his shoulders and upper back. As a pain specialist at LRMC, Nguyen recruited his most challenging patients, those for whom traditional pain treatment offered limited relief. Within minutes of when the short golden studs were inserted around their ears, many patients enjoyed a pain reduction of up to 75 percent, he said.

Use the below Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) calculator to identify the frequency components of a time signal, momentum distributions of particles and many other applications. DFT is a process of decomposing signals into sinusoids.

Non starter at the moment. This poor end-end efficiency is the defining issue for the whole “hydrogen economy”. Whilst I don’t doubt there are some niches where it will play a big role, any application involving hydrogen from renewable electricity is going to need to have a business case that justifies a fuel that costs around 3x more than electricity. The alternative is to use natural gas – convert it to hydrogen and bury the arising CO2 in a CCS scheme.

This is the angle that the gas industry – particularly NG and Cadent – are pushing, because the alternative is a slow death spiral for the industry. A quick word of advice to anybody reading comparative reports about H2, batteries and so on is to study the assumptions used about both the technology they may be advocating, and competing technologies.

Cost of Capital was always a nice one, because playing about with that allowed one to conclusively demonstrate with – a single calculation – that wind power was cheaper than gas turbine power. Or the other way around, depending on what beliefs people wanted reinforcing

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It was put in place in the wake of the crash of a St Petersburg-bound aircraft in October , understood to have been the result of a bomb placed on-board. The ban is keeping British tourists from the beaches of the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The Foreign Office warns against travel to other areas of the peninsula, but Sharm el-Sheikh is seen as a safe tourist stronghold — but it is impossible to fly there direct from the UK.

The Department for Transport DfT , taking the lead on the decision, was said to have been assured last year by Sir Gerald Howarth, the former head of the parliamentary group, that all its conditions had been met, but there has been no movement on its position.

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Croft house for sale , daily doings , food , Raasay road signs , weather — lifeattheendoftheroad A bonny morning it was too with all the showers passing us by with a rainbow in their wake. I fed the pigs, wifey dealt with the hens and found a nest of twenty eggs in the barn!!!!! So after gleefully removing the real eggs we stuck an imitation one in the nest to encourage her not to seek alternative accommodation. That was it on the photo front heading south, after my course the day after I headed home, or at least I did until I met these two stuck on Loch Lomondside, sadly an all too common occurrence in the summer.

The lush green of grass and purple of heather was certainly absent on the way north, the blue sky and cotton wool clouds replaced by grey cloud, grey mist, grey and grey torrents of water down the glens.


A public consultation on Heathrow has been reopened following a series of reports published by the Department for Transport Dft , which assessed the impact that expansion would have on noise pollution and air quality. The reports show that opting to expand Heathrow over a second runway option at Gatwick significantly increases the likelihood that Britain will miss its environmental targets.

And while it was originally forecast that Heathrow would bring greater economic benefits, new official analysis now states that Gatwick would deliver greater financial reward.

Bell and Howell 16mm Projector Models This is my first attempt at making a list of B&H 16mm Projector models. There are probably many omissions, and errors.

I feel compelled to write this post after trying Thrive by LeVel, and seeing very defensive feedback online when I criticized it. I have dear friends who are selling Thrive and feel strongly that the product is revolutionary and life changing. I want to say up front that I do not for one moment believe that any of these products, or any products from other mid-level marketing companies such as Advocare or Plexus are dangerous when used as directed, nor do I have a problem with them using these products to build a business to earn money for themselves and their families.

I also want to say that any of these products, when used with proper understanding, can be useful tools to kick start a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am not a huge fan of seeing social media feeds full of what amounts to product placement, but social media is the best medium to advertise mid-level marketing products, so rather than criticize them for using it, I exercise my ability to filter what I see.

Thrive is a product composed of 3 separate components: Again, I have zero concern for the safety of the product, just the efficacy in the long term and cost. The directions I received stated to take pills first thing in the morning drink the shake 45 minutes later and apply the patch, all beginning on an empty stomach. This was the first thing that threw up a red flag for me. One of the biggest pieces of advice she gave us was that we should consume 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning, and that in a clinical study posted in the Journal of Nutrition, doing so improved muscle protein synthesis and satiated appetite better.

The Thrive shake only contains 15g of protein.

Particle Characterization Analysis / Analyzers / Evaluation Instruments

The line ended at Ashford until the extension to Folkestone opened on 28 June The station then passed on to the Southern Region of British Railways on nationalisation in This only lasted 15 years until 1 January when passenger services were diverted to the former South Eastern Railway station. Remarkably the complete station buildings and platforms survived for handling freight and engineering trains until it was closed and demolished around for construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

The new driverless metro would run on rubber wheels. The option being proposed is a metro on wheels using an autonomous bus-like vehicle. THIS IS NOT LIGHT RAIL – no rails will be involved.

To find dominant frequencies you generally only need to look at the magnitude of the complex value in the DFT. Unfortunately, you pretty much have to write some sort of intelligent algorithm which will identify the peaks frequencies. The way the algorithm works is highly dependent on what the DFT looks like for your application.

My DFTs all had similar characteristics, so it wasn’t too difficult to put together a heuristic algorithm. The way I did it was to identify regions in the DFT with high magnitude peaks which were surrounded by low magnitude troughs. You can define the minimum difference between peaks and troughs the sensitivity as a constant times the standard deviation of the data.

Additionally, you can say that any peaks that fall below a certain magnitude threshold are ignored altogether, as they are just noise. Of course, the above technique will only really work if you have relatively well defined frequencies in your data. If your DFT is highly random, then you will need to take extra care to set the sensitivity and threshold carefully.


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Boise DRAM PE Engineer – ATE DFT – ID, Req. ID: Micron Technology’s vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life and our commitment to people, innovation, tenacity, collaboration, and customer focus allows us to fulfill our mission to be a global leader in memory and storage solutions.

However, data interpretation is often challenging, especially when the thermal history includes extended residence time in the He partial retention zone HePRZ , with highly dispersed dates revealing the complexity of diffusion processes in natural systems. This study investigates chemical and physical factors that may have impacted He diffusion in apatite over long timescales in a context of protracted residence in the HePRZ.

Nine samples from the Ploumanac’h pluton and North Tregor Armorican Massif, France were collected in granitoids, differing in petrography and chemisty. Current predictive models for He diffusion and fission-track annealing in apatite could not reproduce the two datasets together. However, this apparent discrepancy gives insight into the parameters influencing He diffusion at geological timescales. The data confirm that radiation damage enhances He trapping, as the AHe dates are positively correlated to effective uranium eU concentration.

The He age dispersion for constant eU content cannot be explained just by variations in grain size or chemical composition. To explore the potential influence of recoil damage trapping behavior and annealing kinetics on AHe dates, we tested a new diffusion model from Gerin et al. Given the expected model of the thermal history provided by AFT inversion, we investigated the influence of the trapping energy on AHe dates.

The AHe date variations can be explained only if the trapping energy evolves from one crystal to another, increasing with the amount of damage.

Driverless cars will cause congestion on Britain’s roads to worsen for years, study finds

Articulated lorries are the more common configuration of larger LGV in the UK, where a tractor unit tows a semi-trailer through a fifth wheel coupling. The drawbar configuration is a less common example of large LGV, and consists of a rigid lorry with cargo carrying capacity, which also pulls a second cargo trailer, using a drawbar link. Weights and dimensions[ edit ] Since , weight and axles limits for goods carrying lorries in the United Kingdom had increased in stages from 38 tonnes Turning circle[ edit ] Whatever configuration of vehicle used, to be legally operated on UK roads, vehicles must adhere to the EU defined articulated vehicle turning circle regulations, which state that any vehicle must be able to navigate a turning circle around a set-point, keeping the whole of the vehicle within a corridor bounded by two circles around that point, with the inner circle having a radius of 5.

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How to select frequencies from DFT

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Shipping with Dayton Freight is easy with tools and resources at your fingertips. You can track your shipment, request rate estimates, view your recent online .

Stop messing about and tell me what you mean! Perhaps it would have been more accurate to said that it should have been in Essex This is one of those “Unbuilt” motorways, then? So, what’s the story? This motorway was kicking around in the planning section of the Department of Transport from at least the late s, until its final cancellation in the late s.

It had its roots way before then, though – a route along this corridor was included in Abercrombie’s Greater London Plan of , as Radial Route 7 – a name it was to keep alongside M12 for a very long time! Whilst almost none of the actual motorway was built, you can see where it was supposed to end: If you look carefully, you can see the bridges over nothingness put into place ready for the M12! Even more confusingly, there have been three different proposals, all along the same corridor, and all carrying the M12 number The first part of the M12 was referred to as the South Woodford – Brentwood Motorway, basically going from the current southern end of the M11 out of London.

This would have headed generally though the area to the north of Redbridge and south of Hainault, heading generally eastwards before turning southeast just north of Havering-atte-Bower where there was to be a Service Area , and meeting Ringway 3 nee M16 , now M25 just north of junction 28, and would have ended on the Brentwood Bypass.

A scan of DoT documentation referring to this section dating from the early s can be seen here. The second plan was all tied in with London’s proposed third airport, at Maplin Sands, near Southend-on-Sea.

Camelphat & Elderbrook ‘Cola’