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Ltd was a celebrated Canadian piano manufacturer, based in the Toronto area, whose instruments retain a reputation for quality of workmanship and fineness of tone. History The firm was incorporated in in Toronto, Ontario by Theodor August Heintzman, who was born in Berlin, 19 May , and who emigrated to Canada in , following a brief residence in New York. The story that Heintzman worked in the same Berlin piano factory as and emigrated from Germany with Henry E. Following his arrival in Toronto, Heintzman began to produce pianos from his residence he is said to have worked initially from his kitchen and then went on to open his first factory at 23 Duke St. By May Heintzman had relocated operations to King St W and was soon turning out more than 60 pianos a year. By the company had moved to King St W where there was space for a factory, offices, and sales rooms. The company was operated by Theodore Heintzman until his death in , when his sons took over operation of the company. The organisation continued to grow throughout the s, and by had turned out its thousandth instrument. By the number of pianos completed reached nearly , and when in a new factory was added to the operation, production began to climb steeply.

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For over 90 years the Mapes Piano String Company has been a leader in the production of quality piano wire and musical strings. Founded in in New York City, Mapes started its wire production operations in operations in the mountains of east Tennessee in The remainder of its operations were moved to the Tennessee site over the next 20 years. The move was complete by From its Tennessee complex, Mapes buys its own steel wire rod, from which it draws wire for the spring, automotive, piano, defense, and toy industries.

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Heintzman Piano Company, Ltd. The pianos received high praise and won prizes at exhibitions. Even today, technicians frequently encounter old Heintzman pianos built in the early part of the 20th century and consider them to be of high quality. In the latter decades of the century, Heintzman, like other North American brands, struggled to compete with cheaper foreign imports.

The longest-lived and best known Canadian piano manufacturing firm, Heintzman & Co. produced pianos that were characterized by superb craftsmanship as well as design improvements and innovations – and regarded as the Steinway of Canada.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. The short answer is yes Heintzman and Co is a top notch brand. They were the premier Canadian piano manufactory for more than a century. Their top quality years were from through They won many medals from competitions many of which you can see inside on their label. Their concert grands grace many concert halls. One story recounts how queen Victoria made a comment at one fair where they where being exhibited that “it was quite extraordinary that such exceptional quality came from the colonies.

One of their most important innovations was the Agraft bridge which isolated the vibrations of each of the base strings by stringing them through wholes bored through the sounding board. This was an expensive process but is said to produce exceptional tone. You should look to see if the piano you are looking at has this feature. For most of its history Heintzman and Co made the premium High end quality market play.

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Last Edited November 16, Piano building in Canada began in the early 19th century and grew into a major, thriving industry between and By this time, the quality of most Canadian pianos was so high that only the most renowned brand names were imported. However, few companies survived the Depression.

About Us. Loewen Piano House Ltd is honored to be chosen as the authorized dealer for the top, premium piano manufacturers around the world, including Bosendorfer (from Vienna), Schimmel (from Germany),hand-made Shigeru Kawai & Kawai, and the legendary Canadian Heintzman pianos, in addition to our selection of digital and hybrid pianos from the provinces of British Columbia and .

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ing dating from the late 19th century, geographically located where notable com- panies such as Canadian Cycle & Motor Co., Campbell Milling Company and the Heintzman Piano .

Burton Cummings, songwriter Daniel Lanois, and Bob Ezrin, who co-produced The Wall, are among the notable names who have made music with what comes in and out of this Rosedale institution. Played by prodigies or beginners, passed down through generations or moved across continents, pianos are just as much about the stories as the music, the Hahn family has learned.

The business was established in September by Paul Hahn, a native of Reutlingen, Germany, and one of 17 children. He moved to Canada with most of his family in After years of working at the Nordheimer piano company, Hahn — a Toronto Symphony Orchestra cellist — opened his own shop at Yonge and Bloor. He sold pianos as well as sheet music and gramophones.

In the s, the store was forced out of its location to make way for the subway. The basement was dug by Paul Hahn Jr. While in university, Alex began working some evenings and weekends.

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It has always enjoyed a wide national distribution, and the house has never changed from the original corporate form chosen at the start. This firm was established in after fifteen years of research and development to obtain a player piano system which is trustworthy, maintenance-free and durable enough to be used in restaurants, pizza parlors and ice cream shops.

The Keyboard Specialties player system has been field-proven for over seven years.

German Americans (German Theodor August Heintzman – piano manufacturer (Heintzman & Co.) and inventor; Henry J. Heinz – H. J. Heinz Company Count Ludwig Joseph von Boos-Waldeck – German noble descended from a line of Rhenish Knights and nobles dating back to the 13th century, organized the Adelsverein, to promote German.

What followed was a series of progressively larger factories, first downtown on Duke St now Adelaide , and then two years later at King St a larger King St building would follow a few doors down in at what is now the TD Centre. Even as the piano market began to get over-saturated near the end of the 19th century, Heintzman continued with his tradition of building only high-end quality instruments.

Theodor was credited with a series of innovations that solidified their reputation as a quality builder and allowed their pianos to carry a superior tone and remain on the cutting edge of piano manufacturing. By this time the company had opened a large factory in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto near Keele and Dundas, and was producing instruments at a much higher rate.

The piano arm would go on to produce economy pianos under economy labels such as the Gerhard, Weber, Stevenson and Nordheimer brands. After changing ownership a hand full of times in the latter half of the 20th century, the original Heintzman company closed its doors for good in

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Save heintzman piano to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results. Heintzman Limited Edition 50″ Studio Upright. Brand New. $6, or Best Offer. Freight. HEINTZMAN YORKE GRAND PIANO VERTICAL UPRIGHT with Bench. Gerhard Heintzman Grand Piano. Also known as an upright grand.

He was influenced by leading musicians of the classical era including canonical pianists Beethoven and Mozart. At a young age of 24, he opened his own piano shop under his name and began to study resonance and depth of sound. Through his studies, he was able to innovate parts by making earnest improvements of the felt, hammer, and steel frame. Weber pianos are produced by craftsmen who accept nothing less than the absolute best.

The rigorous standards that Albert Weber adopted in to create the first grand piano to withstand the demands of the concert platform set the benchmark for piano making in his day. Since that time Weber pianos have been acknowledged for being at the forefront of piano technology. Using only the finest materials and components, with a commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship, Weber pianos have become a byword for quality and reliability.

The amazing tonal quality of the first Weber piano is carried through to this day by the continued technological innovations of the dedicated craftsmen at Weber. Thank you for visiting Weber Piano. To find your nearest authorized dealer Click Here! New Products The challenge of constructing a quality piano requires special passion. The piano is a simple instrument constructed from basic materials and the comparison from one piano to another piano easily captures the critical eyes and ears of the world where flaws cannot be hidden and true brilliance stands apart.

Thus, to complete and transform wood and iron into an uncompromising musical instrument one needs resiliency innovation and dedication.

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The firm was incorporated in in Toronto , Ontario by Theodor August Heintzman , who was born in Berlin , May 19, , and who emigrated to Canada in , following a brief residence in New York City. The story that Heintzman worked in the same Berlin piano factory as and emigrated from Germany with Henry E. Following his arrival in Toronto, Heintzman began to produce pianos from his residence he is said to have worked initially from his kitchen and then went on to open his first factory at 23 Duke Street.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heintzman & Co. Ltd was a celebrated Canadian piano manufacturer, based in the Toronto area, whose instruments retain a reputation for quality of workmanship and fineness of tone.

In June of brothers Samuel and Abraham Nordheimer opened a small business in Toronto, Canada offering music books, square pianofortes, and sewing supplies. To begin with, the Nordheimer brothers were agents for Broadwood, Stodart, and Chickering pianos. The firm did not actually enter the piano manufacturing business until This company was short lived and lasted only five years before each of the partners opted to have their own manufacturing firms. The Nordheimers built their own factory in east Toronto and began turning out one of the finer pianos built in Canada.

I came across this piano about five years ago when the owner contacted me to inspect the instrument for restoration purposes. This piano was purchased new by her grandmother, eventually finding its way to my client. This is also a rare thing; to find a piano more than one hundred years old and still in the original owners family.

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