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Whether it is for work, recreation or out of necessity, safe trailering is important. Use proper loading techniques If you are loading a trailer with a vehicle or materials, proper balance is critical. Most trailers are designed to support the weight of the item s over the center of the trailer. Loading a trailer too heavy at the front results in too much tongue weight, unloading the front tires, making the tow vehicle hard to control. Overloading the rear of the trailer has the opposite effect, unloading the rear tires, which again makes the tow vehicle hard to control. When hauling vehicles, the front of the vehicle is usually the heaviest, so cars should be loaded front first on the trailer. You always want the engine to the front. Always use tie-downs Never haul a vehicle or other loads without proper tie-downs.

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Tires are attached with studs to the hub assembly. The hub assembly then fits on the axle, which connects the tire component to the rest of the car. Because the wheel hub is the bridge between the tire and the entire vehicle, if one of its parts breaks down, it creates a ripple effect. That could include problems such as impaired steering or a broken axle.

What’s going on inside of that wheel hub assembly?

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Caroline and Tyler

Had I known, I would have been looking for a Rubicon instead. I got a pretty good deal though, so I can’t complain too much. Now I’m eyeballing a front and rear axle set from a TJ rubicon with supposedly low miles.

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But that major dose of power is of little benefit if you can’t put the power to the ground. Fat, sticky tires will always improve traction over stock street radials, and that’s a quick and easy way to help hook you up. But ultimately, the search for more traction will require digging into the rear suspension if you are at all serious about planting that power to the pavement. That’s what this story is all about.

The stock Chevelle rear suspension is a coil-spring, trailing-arm design using two short-upper and two longer-lower trailing arms to position the rear axle in the car. To prevent the axle from moving from side to side, the upper arms are splayed outward to create a triangular-mount effect. Several things are happening at once when power is applied, and it’s important to know how all this affects traction.

While the body is compressing the coil springs in the rear, the rear axle is torquing in the opposite direction see illustration This torque reaction tends to lift the right rear off the ground, reducing traction and allowing the tire to spin. The beauty of this factory four-link system is that it operates much like a dragstrip four-link. One of the first things that will help one of these cars is lowering the ride height to position the lower control arm as close to parallel with the ground as possible.

This improves the instant center see the Instant Center sidebar while also almost eliminating wheelhop.

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Merely cleaning and replacing the filter is not good enough to maintain your RV AC in tip-top condition. These steps are not as difficult to perform as you might think and will save you money and inconvenience as well. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator annually will make a huge difference in the cooling ability of the motorhome or camper trailer RV unit. You will also learn a little about how these RV cooling units differ from regular household units by following the tips in this article.

Be sure and check the many actual questions and answers in the comments at the bottom of this page to find a problem similar to yours if the info in not found in the main text.

Dexter recommends that you do not jack up the trailer on the suspension components because there is always the potential for damage. Bent hangers, leaf springs, or axle tubes can cause bad axle alignment with bad tire wear resulting.

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Chevrolet Chevelle Rear Suspension Tips & Parts

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Recap: Carol and Daryl Reunite

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Mike and Carol Brady Murdered Each Other’s Spouses and Married Each Other And that’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch.

Following the dark and dismal Season 7 premiere, The Walking Dead lighted up for the extremely well-received introduction of Khary Payton’s flamboyant King Ezekiel , leader of The Kingdom. We also reconnected with a recovering Carol , and though her first impressions of Ezekiel and his leadership were less than encouraging, the two later bonded by firelight as Ezekiel gave her and audiences an insightful look at the man beneath the dreads. The episode’s sweet final moments hinted at something more, and Payton offered up an amusing answer to the question of a potential romance.

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Dear Axel,

All Dexter axles are manufactured specifically for each customer order. Since there are literally tens of thousands of size and option combinations, we do not stock any axles. Therefore, every order must be set-up to produce. While we do sell axles direct, it is generally less expensive to purchase small quantities of axles through our distribution network.

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Fax Hour: Over time just the flexing of the body may have broken the seal between the cap and the skin allowing water to get under the cap and to leak into the body. Remove and reapply or reseal. In a heavy rain feel your inside walls below the aluminum seam inside and if you feel dampness water on the wall you have a leak somewhere above. Also check the walls where they meet the floor and check for dampness.

Walls feel cold and not sure if it is dampness or coldness you are feeling, use a Kleenex Tissue which will quickly reveal rather it is dampness or coldness you are feeling. Several owners have reported that you should check for leakage around rather behind the Upper Zip Dee Mounting brackets. Seems they were installed on a seam and the rivet heads were removed so they could be mounted flush but over time the sealer between the bracket and the skin has worked loose allowing water to get behind the bracket mount and into the holes where the rivet heads were removed.

So check and sealing this area can prevent problems from an unknown leak If you are checking for leaks with a water hose, be careful that you don’t spray water UP the drain holes in the bottom of the window! Chris Fellers — Avion H “Holiday” owner from Wisconsin, has posted comments at the bottom about polishing his Avion along with before and after photos. Remember this is only valid for the Aluminium Avions.

Polishing Oxidized Aluminum– We bought a used 35′ Silver Edition Avion vintage after we rolled our ’89 front kitchen a year ago. It had stood on a lot in Florida with salt air and spray assaulting its finish for almost ten years before we came along.

Carol Peletier

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Flagstaff Camping Trailers MAC Series. TV Outlet with Cable and Satellite Hook Up; 30 Amp Detachable Power Cord w/ Storage Bag; inclusive of all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. For safety and product performance do NOT exceed the GVWR. GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) – is the maximum permissible weight.

Carol, as depicted in the comic book series. Early storylines —04 [ edit ] Carol is described in the comics as being a housewife who occasionally helps pay the family’s bills by selling Tupperware out of catalogues to friends and neighbors. She endured a rather unsatisfactory marriage, and it is implied that she only married and continued to stay with her husband because of her frequent need for attention and comfort. During the initial stages of the outbreak, her husband commits suicide after losing his parents to walkers, leaving Carol and their daughter Sophia to fend for themselves.

Carol is in the process of moving herself and Sophia to her sister’s in Atlanta when they meet and eventually join Shane ‘s settlement of survivors on the outskirts of the city. While in the camp, she usually assists the other mothers in domestic duties such as washing clothes and looking after the children.

She and Lori quickly become best friends, the two of them often conversing about the current happenings around them. After leaving their first campsite, they meet Tyreese , whom Carol grows to like.

Prince Axel

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Axel has a point. Actor Lew Temple (“Axel” on The.

You should be able to find what you are looking for there. However, if you don’t have the manuals, or that information isn’t provided, then this information may help you. The color of the wires is what they will usually be, but occassionally the color scheme will be different. If you are lucky and have the factory tow package already installed you may already have this wire running from under the dash to the rear of the vehicle.

If not, the wire needs to be run under the vehicle and through the firewall to the Brake Control mounting location. If there is not already pre-existing holes for such wires, then a hole must be drilled. Use a power drill and steel drill bits. Before drilling, make sure you know where the bit will end up once it’s through the firewall. I usually make a small pilot hole and then increase the bit size until the hole is big enough for the wire.

A stepped bit would be great to use.

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